Support to Achieve Your Career Goals

The Ziff Graduate Career Services Center is committed to helping you achieve your career goals. We will work together to develop and implement an effective career management plan commencing when you register with the Ziff Center and extending throughout your MBA and specialized master's experience and beyond

Launching Your Career

The mission of the Ziff Graduate Career Services Center is to provide you with the resources, tools and individual advising and assistance that is required for you to pursue your professional goals. The management of your career is one of the most important endeavors you will undertake throughout your professional life. The Ziff Graduate Career Services Center will work with you during your master's program to help you develop effective and successful life-long career management skills — skills that will continue to serve you long after you have graduated.Today marks the beginning of your career management. This course will prepare you now to participate in the fall recruitment cycle. It is very important to begin as soon as possible, as delaying until the fall could compromise your ability to secure your desired internship.

It is crucial that you understand a very significant aspect of the Ziff Graduate Career Services Center. We do not place students in professional positions, such as an internship or a full-time position; instead we assist you in pursuing such opportunities. Hiring decisions are made by corporate management and are based on many factors, which include corporate needs, and supply and demand. Your master's degree from the University of Miami gives you the opportunity to compete for highly sought-after positions with local, national and global employers that recruit from a pool of talented master's students from nationally recognized schools.

Success in your post-MBA or specialized master's career will require a firm commitment on your part and strong support on ours. Ultimate success will require that you remain focused on your career goals and do all that is necessary to enhance your career options. The Ziff Center, with its talented team of professionals, will work with you to make sure you are ready and up for the challenge.

Now that you understand our objectives and your responsibilities let us begin down the road of success, which begins today and now. Incoming students will be contacted by the Ziff Team in late May.

If you have any questions, contact our office at 305-284-6905 or

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