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A better gap year

Prepare yourself for the future with a better gap year at the Miami Business School. Whether it’s a Master in Sustainable Business, Business Analytics, Finance, Healthcare Administration, Accounting, Tax, or International Business, a specialized masters positions you for early success and also helps take full advantage of career opportunities in a dynamic marketplace. Miami Business School also offers an Accelerated MBA designed for students with an undergraduate degree in business or a graduate degree in a similar field. Spanning seven months (June to December), the Accelerated MBA is an intense academic experience that prepares career-focused students with the advanced business knowledge necessary to advance quickly in their careers.

No one can predict the future, but you can prepare for it with depth of knowledge.

Double 'Canes Scholarship

The Double Cane Scholarship is a merit-based award for ‘Cane alumni with an exceptional academic and/or professional record. Applicants must be graduates of a University of Miami degree program.

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Explore our Graduate Programs

Full-Time MBAs
The Miami MBA - 21 months
Accelerated MBA - 7 Months 
Accelerated MBA in Real Estate - 19 months
Specialized Masters Programs
Business Analytics
Health Administration
Sustainable Business New
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