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MD/MBA Program

The Miami Herbert Business School offers an MD MBA Dual degree program in partnership with the University’s Miller School of Medicine. The business curriculum prepares future physicians for the business complexities related to running a private medical practice or heading a group practice, as well as prepare medical students for careers in health sector management, leadership, and policy. The MBA coursework ranges from financial reporting and corporate strategy to the legal aspects of health administration.

Current Medical Students:

For those that enrolled at the Miller School of Medicine prior to 2020, the MD MBA dual degree program adds an additional year to the medical school curriculum. Medical students would apply to the MBA during their third year in order to complete the MBA curriculum in their fourth academic year of study.

NextGen Medical Students:

Medical students that will begin the NextGen MD curriculum at the Miller School of Medicine for Fall 2020 or later would complete a four-year format of the MD MBA dual degree program. This format of the dual degree integrates the MBA curriculum throughout, allowing students to develop business skills and knowledge in health care management at an earlier stage.

Curriculum and Application Information

Helping Physicians Succeed

Navigating the Business of Health Care

“As the health care industry evolves, physicians are not only joining large, multi-million-dollar practices, they’re running these organizations," says Steve Ullmann (pictured right), professor of health management and policy at the School of Business. "Today’s doctors must understand how to negotiate contracts with pharmaceutical companies and medical suppliers, navigate through the Medicare and Medicaid systems, negotiate with managed care companies and hospitals, understand pricing and financing, and develop effective marketing programs for their services.”

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