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Accelerated Master of Accounting

The Accelerated Master of Accounting (MAcc) and Accelerated Master of Science in Taxation (MST) programs are designed specifically for high-acheiving University of Miami undergraduate accounting students.
Accelerated Education

For High-Achieving Students

The accelerated programs enable high achieving accounting students who have accelerated their education by taking advanced placement courses in high school, testing out of classes, taking increased course loads or going to summer school, to start their graduate work while they are seniors so that they can complete both their bachelor and master degrees, and make significant progress on the CPA exam (if not complete it entirely) within 4½ years.

Program Information and Requirements


Students in the accelerated program must complete a number of perquisites before they begin their senior year. The curriculum for the senior years is the same for all tracks. In the summer after their senior year, students begin their senior year, students must take one graduate course. Students are also required to take a CPA review course and are expected to take the CPA exam during this summer.


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