Tuition and Financial Information

Amounts listed are effective for the 2017-2018 academic year and are subject to change by the University, so please check student account services for any updates.

Tuition     $1,960 per credit hour
Student Activity Fee $42 per semester
Student Health Insurance  $2,306 per academic year
Student Health and Counseling $172 per semester
Student Center Fee  $156 per semester
Student Wellness Center      $152 per semester (students can decline the Wellness Center fee within the first week of classes each semester)
Athletic Fee $80 per semester (optional for graduate students)
Books and materials Varies per class

The MAcc program requires 30 credit hours, so total tuition is estimated at $58,800. This amount may be reduced significantly via Business School Fellowship grants and Department of Accounting financial aid grants; the amounts of these awards are primarily determined on the basis of the applicant’s GPA, GMAT score and other factors. Loans and other financial assistance are available for graduate students but these sources of funds are not administered by the Department of Accounting. General financial aid information (other than departmental scholarships) can be found at


Through the generosity of alumni and friends of the University of Miami Business School, certain endowed and annual scholarships are made available to graduate students enrolled in Accounting-related degree programs. Donors have established endowed scholarships in perpetuity; annual scholarships depend upon annual funding from donors.

Donor scholarships are for the purpose of recruiting, retaining or recognizing students of high academic merit. For certain donor scholarships, financial need is an additional consideration. The number and amount of scholarship awards may vary from year to year.

Donor scholarships are generally awarded to full-time students. However, due to the “fifth year” educational requirement to qualify for CPA certification, part-time graduate students enrolled in an accounting-related degree program may be considered for donor scholarships administered by the Department of Accounting. The following is a list of the accounting scholarships available.

Accounting Student Scholarships

General Financial Aid Information

Loans and other financial assistance are available for graduate students but these are not administered by the department. Information on general financial aid (other than departmental scholarships) can be found through the Office of Financial Assistance Services.

In addition, there are several external funding opportunities available for students who have an interest in pursuing a career in accounting. Follow this link for information:
Scholarship and Internship Opportunities.

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