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Applications to master’s degree programs at the Miami Herbert Business School are currently being accepted for the next fall semester. To begin your application, create an account here and then complete the Online Application and Recommendation Form. The Graduate Admissions Committee welcomes applications from individuals whose undergraduate degrees are from accredited colleges or universities. Acceptance is based upon an evaluation of all credentials presented by the applicant. Orientation week is scheduled the week before the start of the Fall semester. Attendance at orientation prior to the beginning of your first term is mandatory.

Application Deadlines

Round Application Deadlines
Round 1 October 15th
Round 2 January 15th
Round 3  March 1st
Final Round May 1st

The Application

Applicants should read the instructions carefully before filling out the forms and should keep copies of all material submitted during the application process. The online application and all supporting documentation become the confidential property of the Miami Herbert Business School and cannot be returned. By submitting the online application, the applicant certifies the information provided in the application is complete and accurate. The applicant also agrees that, if accepted, he or she will become familiar with and abide by the rules and regulations of the University of Miami, its Graduate School, as set forth in the Graduate Bulletin, The Miami Herbert Business School, and Graduate Business Programs. The Admissions Committee will evaluate an application only after the file is complete with the following:

The Honor Code

By signing the Honor Code Pledge, each student is affirming his or her own commitment to the highest standards of academic integrity and to the fact that these standards are the foundation of our own learning community.
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