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Master's (MS) in International Business

There is perhaps no better environment in which to study international business than Miami, a major financial hub at the crossroads of the Americas.

In addition to a classroom curriculum focused on international business models, the School's Master of International Business program includes experiential learning components, which expose students to the region’s rich multicultural business community.

The Master of International Business program is further distinguished by its focus on developing regional competency in each student’s area of interest and the opportunity for students to participate in experiential learning activities in Miami and other locations worldwide.

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Become a Global Business Leader

The Master in International Business program produces leaders of global businesses and societies who are adept at making strategic decisions and implementing integrated solutions. In addition to gaining a better understanding of basic international business concepts, students learn how to apply analytic models and techniques for international business decision making, planning and execution. The program also helps students gain a better understanding for the region of the world where each expects to continue his or her career.

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Who Should Apply?

The Master in International Business is designed for students with both business and non-business backgrounds who seek to develop the competencies needed to successfully lead across cultures and markets.


International Trips

Global Immersion

Students in the Master of Science in International Business program are required to participate in Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education (GLOBE). The program takes graduate students to China, India and Brazil. All courses/trips programs take place during spring break. Participants visit local universities, companies, and NGOs to learn from macro forces and policies affecting firms’ opportunities, strategies, operations, experiences, and best practices. The international trip carries fees not included in the price of tuition. Hear about a recent trip from Brazil from Brandon Patton.

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