Meet Ever-Changing Challenges with Lifelong Learning

MBA alumni of the University of Miami Business School have a unique opportunity to continue their professional development by returning to campus to take additional MBA-level courses at a special alumni rate.

The School offers a wide range of elective courses taught on Saturdays and occasional Fridays each year from April through June and July through September. Alumni may be able to complete electives based on availability of courses and compliance with Graduate School six year degree completion policy.  The list of offered electives is based on demand by a student vote of a subset of those listed on the website. Additional electives may be added based on significant interested supported by student surveys.

Course Offerings

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University of Miami Business School MBA alumni are invited to enroll in graduate-level courses at a special alumni rate. Learn more about the program today by calling 1-800-531-7137, visiting Alumni Elective Course Offerings or by emailing Kathy Gaunt at


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