Miami Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes

The Miami Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes is designed for professional athletes, artists, musicians, actors and their advisors, and teaches accomplished individuals with strong personal brands how to leverage their current career achievements into business success. The 18-month program consists of of six two-week residency modules at the School’s main campus in Miami, as well as online distance learning in three seven-week modules. Classes are taught by the same world-class faculty who teach in the School’s other MBA programs and courses employ the same rigorous MBA curriculum, including classroom instruction, visits with business pioneers, case studies and team-building projects.

By the Numbers



An 18-month program consisting of 42 credits.


Residency Modules

Participants are on campus for six two-week modules of on-site learning.


Distance Modules

Students participate in three online distance learning modules, each seven weeks long.

The Next Level

Curriculum and Courses

Participants in this program, like NFL players Jerome Felton and Robert Blanton (l-r), bring a familiarity with branding, marketing, media and public relations as well as a highly disciplined work ethic and perseverance to succeed. The Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes program builds on these and provides a framework for participants to capitalize on their experiences, helping to transition these lessons into practical leadership and business skills. The program provides participants with the industry exposure and extensive network base, both key for elevating their careers and leveraging their personal brands.


Contact Us

For more information on the EMBA for Artists and Athletes please contact Loubna Bouamane, Director, Recruiting and Admissions, Full-Time and Specialized Masters Programs at 305-284-2510 or
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