General Education Areas of Knowledge

The "Areas of Knowledge" aspect of the university's general education requirements is based on the notion of cognates

A cognate is a group of at least three related courses for at least 9 credits. The courses in a cognate are related in a topical, thematic, interdisciplinary, sequential, or other such fashion, so that completion of a cognate provides coherent depth of knowledge in the area. Students must take three cognates to fulfill the Areas of Knowledge requirement, one in the Arts & Humanities (A&H), one in People & Society (P&S), and one in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM). Each cognate has course options that allow students to complete the cognate in ways that meet their individual interests, while staying within the coherent focus of the cognate. In addition to the cognates that have been designed by faculty, each major and minor fulfills the cognate requirement in one area.

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