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Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance (BSAF)

The BSAF degree combines the University of Miami's general education requirements and a foundational business core. This degree requires a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 to remain in the program. Every course completed in satisfaction of the BSAF Business Core Requirements must be taken for a grade and earn a “C-“ or higher (except as noted for FIN 302 for which a grade of “B” or higher is required). Students must also maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in Accounting courses and in Finance courses. A minimum of 125 credit hours is needed to graduate with the BSAF degree.

BSAF Requirements


ACC 223 Principles of Financial and Managerial Accounting 4
ACC 301 Cost Accounting 3
ACC 311 Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACC 312 Intermediate Accounting II 3
ACC 402 Auditing 3
ACC 403 Foundamentals of Taxation 3
ACC 404 Advanced Taxation 3
ACC 406 Accounting Systems 3
ACC 411 Advanced Accounting 3
BSL 212 Introduction to Business Law 3
BTE 320 Introduction to Programming 3
BUS 150 Business Analytics 3
BUS 211 Professional Development for Finance and Accounting 1
BUS 300 Critical Thinking & Persuasion for Business 3
ECO 213 Micro and Macro Economic Principles 4
FIN 302 Fundamentals of Finance 3
FIN 303  Investment and Securities 3
FIN 320 Intermediate Financial Management 3
FIN 433 Case Studies for Financial Professionals 1
MAS 201 Introduction to Business Studies 3
MAS 202 Intermediate Business Statistics 3
MAS 332 Data Acquisition, Preparation, and Visualization 3
MAS 432 Data Analysis 3
MTH 161 Calculus I (minimum grade of C- required) 4
MGT 304 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 401 Strategic Management (must be taken in final semester) 3
MKT 201 Foundations of Marketing 3

NOTEENG 105 and ENG 106, or their equivalents, and all 100 and 200-level Business Core courses must be completed by the end of the fifth semester of college work or during the semester in which the student is completing 75 credit hours.

NOTE:  MTH 161 must be completed with a “C-” or better. 


Business Principles

In addition to the Core of Required Courses, students must choose at least three classes from the following list:


Data Analytics 

In addition to MAS 201, MAS 202, BUS 15, BTE 320, MAS 332, and MAS 432 students must choose at least one of the following:

Students must successfully complete MTH 161 before enrolling in ACC 223 Principles of Financial and Managerial Accounting.

Students will need to maintain at least 3.0 GPA to remain in the BSAF degree. Students who change to the BBA or BSBA after completing ACC 223 will receive credit for ACC 211 and must complete ACC 212 (or have completed ACC 301) to satisfy degree requirements.  Students who change to the BBA or BSBA after completing ECO 213 will receive credit for ECO 211 and must complete ECO 212 to satisfy core requirements.   


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