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Miami Dean’s Scholars

Earn Bachelor's and Master's

degrees in only 4 years!  

Leverage your AP/IB and dual enrollment credits to complete your BBA or BSBA degree in Business, and a Miami Herbert Business specialized master's degree, all in 8 full-time semesters at UM.

  • Pre-admission to graduate study at MHBS with a generous scholarship available for the master's level year
  • Admission criteria include an outstanding first-year UM record, minimum of 48 credits completed by end of freshmen year, and a successful candidate interview. 
  • GMAT/GRE waiver makes application process simple

Successful Dean's Scholars choose their area of specialization from the following MHBS Master's programs:  Business Analytics, Finance, Sustainable Business, or International Business.*

Now accepting applications for rising second-year students  


Dean's Scholars enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Rigorous undergraduate schedule accelerating the business bachelor's degree** to six full-time semesters
  • Deep master's-level specialization in the area of choice, which exceeds both the depth and breadth of the typical undergraduate major
  • Faculty-led graduate GLOBE experiential trips abroad 
  • Early access to Ziff Graduate Career Resource Center
  • Annual breakfast with MHBS dean, and invitations to special events

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Preview MBS's specialized master's degrees: 

Master of Science in Business Analytics
Master of Science in Finance
Master in International Business

 * Dean's Scholars elect the specialized master’s program no later than the fifth semester, to be completed in the seventh and eighth semesters. Choice of master's program may be limited by the extent and quality of the individual Dean's Scholar's quantitative preparation.

The Undergraduate Curriculum

**To expedite the undergraduate degree coursework and because their master's level study goes well beyond—and therefore substitutes for—any discipline-specific undergraduate business major, Dean's Scholars pursue either the Bachelor of Business Administration or the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in General Business.

What is the BBA or BSBA in General Business?

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is the typical road for an undergraduate business student. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) emphasizes the quantitative foundation. Both lead to career success, but one may be more apt for you than the other.  Dean’s Scholars can choose either degree program.

BBA Curriculum                                          BSBA Curriculum

The General Business Program

The BBA or BSBA in General Business allows students at Miami Herbert Business School to tailor their advanced undergraduate business coursework creatively and to seek and develop connections among the business disciplines in ways that will suit their own academic interests and career objectives. Building upon the strong foundation provided by the business core of required courses for either degree, students pursuing this program of study will be motivated to craft a unique business specialization that enhances their ability to respond to and compete in a dynamic economic marketplace.

In constructing the General Business coursework, the student must consult with his/her Business School academic advisor.  A three‐person committee comprised of a faculty member, the student's undergraduate business academic advisor, and a graduate business programs academic advisor will oversee the student’s undergraduate coursework, provide feedback and assistance with course choices, and connect the student to other relevant faculty or administrators for advice where indicated.

Curriculum for the BBA or BSBA in General Business: 

The General Business major is a customizable interdisciplinary business major.  This allows Dean's Scholars to tailor their upper level undergraduate coursework so as to maximize success in the chosen master's program, and ultimately to distinguish themselves in the marketplace at the end of four years.

Students, including Dean’s Scholars, wishing to pursue the BBA or BSBA in General Business must complete:

  1. all University general education requirements, unless exempt (e.g. Foote Fellows), and
  2. the Business Core requirements for either the BBA or the BSBA, including the international focus course, and
  3. a minimum of 18 additional credit hours of upper-level (300-500 level) coursework chosen from among the course offerings of Miami Herbert Business School.  The specific coursework selected to satisfy the General Business “major” designation may not be utilized to also satisfy the Business Core.  All coursework must be taken for a grade and within the current pre-requisite structure.

Specific clusters of General Business coursework that will be approved for Dean’s Scholars depend on the Master’s program that the Dean’s Scholar selects. 

The General Business coursework is designed to broaden the Scholar’s overall curriculum in preparation for the deep specialization the master’s level work will involve. Thus, except in rare cases, no more than two courses in any discipline should be included in an individual Scholar’s General Business coursework, and the General Business coursework elected in anticipation of a given master’s program should not, except in rare cases, include more than two undergraduate electives in that specific discipline.

General Business coursework is not undertaken until the fourth semester at the earliest. By that time, Scholars are expected to have a good idea which master’s program they will choose, and to seek approval for and complete General Business coursework that provides them with the intended variety of disciplines. 

What about electives and coursework outside Business?

Each of the BBA and BSBA degree programs requires students to complete 120 credits.  Because they are leveraging their AP/IB/dual enrollment credits, many Dean’s Scholars will have at least 5-7 electives they can put to use discovering disciplines and areas of study outside of business. If combined, these courses can allow the Dean’s Scholar to complete a minor outside Miami Herbert Business School

Explore the Academic Bulletin to discover the wealth of minors offered to bachelor’s students by UM’s eight other schools and colleges. 

Popular minors include Architecture, Art/Art History, Classics, Climate Science & Policy, Creative Writing, Criminology, Education,  Electronic Media, Exercise Physiology, Game Design, Industrial Engineering, Journalism, Judaic Studies, LGBTQ Studies, Marine Science, Mathematics, any of the Modern Languages, Motion Pictures, Music Business & Entertainment Industries, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Public Health, Sport Administration, Theater Arts, and Women’s & Gender Studies.

Depending on the precise courses earned in AP/IB/dual enrollment, on occasion, a Dean’s Scholar may have enough available elective credits to complete a major outside Business. 


 Rules and Policies Applicable to the Program 

- Formal selection of the master’s program must be completed no later than the end of the fifth semester.  Petitions to switch master’s programs early in the sixth semester may be entertained, based on available space, but are not guaranteed.  Choice of master's program may be limited by the extent and quality of the Scholar's quantitative preparation.

- Dean’s Scholar designation, as well as admission to/scholarship grant for master’s program of choice, is conditioned upon the student maintaining:

  • a 3.5 GPA, calculated annually, and
  • good academic standing.  Disciplinary or Honor Code violation(s) will result in revocation of Dean’s Scholar designation and admission to/scholarship grant for master’s level study.


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