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Graduation Requirements

Residence Requirements

A candidate for the BBA or BSBA degrees must earn the last 45 credits consecutively and exclusively in degree-seeking status in residence at the Miami Herbert Business School as well as meet the graduation requirements listed under electives below. Credit by examination may not be used to meet the residency requirements.

Minimum Credit Requirements

A minimum of 120 credits is required to complete either the BBA or BSBA degree within the University of Miami.  More than 120 may be required if more than one major or any minors are desired.  Transfer students may be required to complete more than 120 credits based upon the satisfaction of UM degree requirements with equivalent courses from their previous institution(s).

Age of Credits

Credits that are more than 12 years old will be reviewed but are not normally considered for the completion of the degree.

Grade Point Average

In addition to 120 semester hours, students must have an overall quality point average of at least 2.0 on all undergraduate courses and a quality point average of at least 2.0 on all undergraduate courses taken at the University of Miami.

Majors and Minors

All students must complete the requirements for at least one major in one of the areas of specialization. Additionally, students may elect to complete a second business major or a minor in an area of specialization distinctly different from their primary major. The minor may be in an area of specialization offered by the Miami Herbert Business School or by another school or college of the University. The major and minor requirements are specified by each department.

Major (and minor) requirements must be taken for a grade and completed with a grade of C- unless a higher grade is required by the department granting the major or minor.  The required overall grade point average in all major and minor courses attempted is at least a 2.0 unless a higher average is prescribed for a specific major or minor by the major department.


Electives may be required to meet the minimum 120 semester hours to graduate.  All undergraduate courses offered by the University may be used as other or free electives with the following exceptions. Not more than eight credits in applied music or dance, including band can be used to satisfy degree requirements. Any athletic, physical and recreational activity courses offered in Exercise and Sport Sciences will not be acceptable to meet degree requirements.  Additionally, ENG 103, Basic Writing Skills and MTH 099, Intermediate Algebra will not be acceptable to meet degree requirements but increase the number of credits to graduate.  However, the grades earned in these courses are calculated into the cumulative grade point average. Any free elective may be taken for credit only.

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