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Business Curriculum

Meeting the challenges of the 21st century requires an education that promotes innovative thinking and generates multi-dimensional problem-solving. The Miami Herbert Business School's front-loaded curriculum enables our students to develop these skills and engage with today's business world from the first day of class.

FIRST Step is a ground-breaking freshman course utilizing case-studies and multi-media lectures as a basis for teaching critical analysis and cultural competence in ethical business decision-making. The central component of FIRST Step is the "freshman team," which collaborates with an experienced student mentor to address some of the critical issues facing business today.


Customize Your Curriculum

Miami Herbert Business School students acquire skills in a variety of fields through curriculum choices from a vast array of majors and minors leading to exciting career options in industry or post graduate work in law, medicine, and name a few. Carl Torsilieri decided to double major – one major within the Miami Herbert Business School and one outside – so that he could broaden his experience and pursue interests other than business. Hear more from Carl on customizing the curriculum.


Majors and Minors


Majors for Business Students

Students can choose from 14 business majors.

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Minors for Business Students

Business students can choose from 12 minors.

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Minors for Non-Business Students

Non-business students can choose from 9 minors.

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