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Rapidly increasing global competition, emergence of new markets, and technological advancements make today’s marketplace a highly dynamic and challenging environment for companies. Effective marketing is therefore crucial for organizations to survive and prosper in such an environment.

The Major

The marketing major provides students with an understanding of the basic concepts of marketing with an emphasis on emerging techniques and technologies. This major area of specialization prepares students to practice marketing in a changing competitive environment. Specifically, it covers the 4 Ps of marketing (i.e., product/service, price, promotion and place/distribution) from a managerial perspective.

Additionally, the marketing program of study is flexible, allowing students to concentrate on specific areas of professional pursuit such as sales management, advertising, retailing, or marketing research.

A program of study in marketing offers students a comprehensive understanding of such topics as:

Student Perspectives

Leveraging the Marketing Major for Non-Profits

Gabrielle Hand, who has sights on working in the international non-profit sector, explains how majoring in marketing will help her get there.

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