Course Selection Guide

To graduate in the usual eight semesters, an undergraduate student must average 15 credits per semester. Thus, a typical full time academic schedule for the first semester at Miami Business School is 5 courses for a minimum of 15-17 credits. As a general rule, MBS students are required to take a mathematics course and an English composition course in their first semester.

All UM undergraduates are pre-enrolled in UMX 100, a zero-credit self- paced online course; it cannot be removed from your shopping cart.  Additionally, incoming MBS freshmen must enroll in BUS 101. In most cases, two business courses—or one business course and an elective—will round out your full-time schedule.

A brief description of each of the available courses or course types is provided below.  Consult the Useful Links on the left-hand menu as needed.

Course Selection

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