Math Placement for Business

Every Miami Business School (MBS) student must be enrolled in a math course in the first semester of attendance. If you do not enroll in a math class, your registration advisor will select an appropriate math course for you.

The recommended math is determined by your SAT/ACT Math score, math course history and the selection of your degree program: BBA or BSBA.

BBA degree students must enroll in MAS 110 (Quantitative Applications in Business) or MTH 161 (Calculus 1).

BSBA degree students must enroll in MTH 161 (Calculus 1). If you have already earned credit for a calculus course, then you should enroll in MTH 162 (Calculus 2) or its equivalent.  

MTH161 (Calculus 1) may be satisfied with AP, IB, A-level, and other exams.

If you did not take the SAT or ACT or earn credit for Calculus 1, you MUST take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment before enrolling in a math course. 

If you wish to change your math course, you have the option, to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment in August.

Sign up for the on-campus ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.

Math Sequencing for Business Degrees

Some business students may be required to enroll in a prerequisite MTH course before taking a required calculus course (MAS 110 or MTH 161). Use the chart below to determine the best math option for you. If you have scores from the SAT and the ACT, please base your math option on the lower score of the two. You may also add any relevant comments to your business profile.

Please note, business students must complete MTH161 or MAS110 by their fourth semester of college work with a grade of “C-” or better. MTH161 and MAS110 may only be taken for a maximum of two times.

final sequence

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