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Pre-Law Studies

For those Business students interested in prelaw studies, it is important to complete coursework that focuses on developing logic, critical thinking, and writing skills.  The Business School curriculum provides many opportunities to help fulfill these requirements. Please visit the PreLaw Advising website, where you can download a copy of the prelaw handbook. 

Pre-Health Studies

For information on the pre-health studies requirements, visit the Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring website. Download the Pre-Health Student Guide and use it as part of your health career planning process.

Every student who seeks admission to a health professional program must complete some specific science courses. We strongly advise that you begin with a science/lab class in your first semester, per the Pre-Health Student Guide.

You should make a plan of study with your  Business School advisor in order to properly schedule your Business requirements along with your pre-health requirements. 

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