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Academic Honors

Graduation (Latin) Honors

  • Students who qualify based on their cumulative GPA and class rank will graduate with University Honors: cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude .
  • For details consult an academic advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Business Education and the University Honors Program Office.

General Business Honors, Miami Herbert Business School

Graduation with General Business Honors requires:

  • Completion of all of the requirements of the BSBA degree program; and
  • A minimum 3.75 cumulative GPA at graduation.

For details, consult an academic advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Business Education.

Departmental Honors in Business

Graduation with Departmental Honors requires:

Students who major in two distinct major areas of specialization may complete their honors research project in the department of either business major specialization.   

The 3-credit hour research project class is not assigned a letter grade but instead is taken for "credit only." It does not count toward the 120-credit hours required for graduation. Only projects that are deemed to be of exceptional quality will receive credit and result in the Honors designation. Students who begin a research project but do not complete it will be retroactively withdrawn from the research course.

Further details related to Departmental Honors are available in the Office of Undergraduate Business Education.

Business Honors Societies

Students may be nominated for or elected into an honor society based on specific criteria. Contact the listed department for additional information.

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