Global Business Studies Program

The Global Business Studies Program: Latin America is a co-major option for incoming business freshman, who apply and are selected. The co-major is not available to continuing or transfer students.  Students in the program simultaneously pursue a major in a functional area of Business and, in the co-major, region-specific global studies coursework.

The program is designed for students who have completed an International Baccalaureate diploma program or its equivalent. Candidates are invited to participate in the program in first semester, freshman year. The program provides the flexibility and depth that allow each student to pursue a curriculum that develops business knowledge, cultivates region-specific expertise, and enhances cross-cultural competencies.

All students pursue a double major, selecting a functional business major to pursue alongside the region-specific global studies coursework. Explore Latin America through its economy, history, politics, language, and culture. From the heights of Machu Picchu to the cosmopolitan avenues of Buenos Aires, from São Paolo to Santiago, students will live and learn in some of the most complex and historically rich societies and fastest growing economies in the world.

Special Features

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

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Cultural Enrichment

Cultural Enrichment

Professional Networking

Professional Networking

The Global Business Studies Program provides high performing students with foreign language skills the opportunity to extend their passion for global citizenship.

University scholarships and financial aid apply to the Global Business Studies program.

Student Perspectivess

Fulfilling a Passion for Global Citizenship

Hear from the scholars themselves about how the Global Business Studies experience builds global perspective among our students.

Global Business Studies Co-Major Curriculum

1) Introduction to the region (3 credit hours).
2) Demonstrated proficiency in the language of the region, or where this is not feasible, at least one language course at the 200 level or above (min. 3 credit hours). Students may demonstrate language proficiency by completing business coursework delivered in the language of the region selected.
3) Economics of the region (3 credit hours).

4) Political and/or Regulatory Environment of the region (3 credit hours).

5) History of the region (3 credit hours).

6) Introduction to International Business (Standard course is MGT 349.  Recommended alternatives:  MGT “Doing Business in [the Region]” where available, or other approved business course in-country) (total of 3 credit hours).

7) Seminar and Senior Thesis (6 credit hours).

8) Minimum of one semester "study abroad" in the studies region is required.

High school students who wish to express interest in or apply for candidacy in the Global Business Studies Program, should contact Assistant Dean, Ellen McPhillip.

Application Submission Deadline is March 30th.

Global Business Studies Program Application

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