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Peer Counseling Program

All Miami Business School new freshman and transfer students are matched with peer counselors to mentor and advise them throughout the first year, supporting a successful transition to college life.   The peer counselors are top business students selected for their strong academic record, leadership skills, campus-wide involvement and commitment to mentoring business students.

Objectives of the Peer Counseling Program

  • Build “esprit de corps” among business students
  • Engage freshmen/transfers in Miami Business School clubs and professional organizations, workshops, speaker series, etc.
  • Assist new students with academic advising, the registration process, and major/minor options
  • Direct all new students to resources for tutoring, counseling, internships, career exploration, and campus involvement 

The Peer Counseling Program at the Miami Business School began in 1991 with 18 top business students. The program has been so successful that it has grown to include 80 peer counselors and 10 team leaders dynamically interacting with freshmen and transfers. Each peer counselor will mentor a team of six to eight new students.  These peer counselors themselves are honing their leadership and team building skills and are part of a special club that has mentored freshmen and transfers for nearly 17 years.  

“Having a peer counselor when I was a freshman was a huge help to me and I know how important it was to have someone to talk to whenever I wasn’t sure of something,” said Callie Tomasso, a former peer counselor. “I went on to be a peer counselor to continue helping freshman make that positive transition into college. Peer counseling  makes for an easy and systematic way of ensuring that each student’s individual needs are met and that their questions do not go unanswered.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I meet my Peer Counselor?

Peer counselors will be assigned about one week prior to your arrival in August.  You will be able to e-mail them right away with questions.  The peer counselors will meet you at the Miami Business School Orientation and will assist you in the entire process from reviewing your schedule to touring the business school and addressing any concerns you may have.

How will I communicate with my peer counselor?

Peer counselors are in touch with their students constantly through cell phone, e-mail, messaging, and small group and individual meetings.  Students who are in the Management 100 class will see their peer counselors every Friday to work on a team project and discuss advising issues.

How can I become a peer counselor?

Applications are available in Merrick 104 (Undergraduate Business Education) every January for the upcoming academic year.  Qualified students will be interviewed and selections are made in March. Please contact the Undergraduate Business Education office for more information at 305-284-4641 or Karen Donno

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