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Research Program

The Miami Herbert Business School has a thriving research environment that houses world renowned faculty as well as younger faculty who are quickly making their mark in research. Faculty conducted research is published at the most important journals across the academic disciplines and MBS research clusters

MBS research serves two important functions. The generated insights help businesses and the economy. In addition, faculty employ the knowledge gained through research to continuously improve knowledge imparted to the students. 

Why engage in research? This experience prepares students to:

  • Perform in-depth analysis of a business topic under the tutelage and guidance of a faculty expert
  • Engage in advanced levels of thinking and decision-making in business and non-business areas
  • Cultivate professional mentoring and networking relationships
  • Be successful in future graduate studies

Seminars and workshops are offered for all levels of undergraduates.  Undergraduate Lunch and Learn workshops are held once a month during the academic year. Students are encouraged to participate in University research-related programs and competitions, such as the Annual Citizens Board Research, Innovation and Creativity Forum and the Honors Summer Research Grants.

Academically qualified students are invited to work with faculty members on research topics of their choice or that of their research supervisor. Students can apply across disciplines without necessarily having to work with a faculty in their major. Students who participate in the program should expect to develop marketable skills and stronger relationships with faculty supervisor/mentors. Students are expected to devote a minimum of three hours per week to research activities. 

In general these positions are unpaid. However, whether a student receives pay, credit, or volunteers for the project is determined by the student in consultation with the faculty supervisor. Presently, the program is by invitation only, and an MBS faculty recommendation is required.  



Interested in learning more about student research?

Contact Dr. Indraneel Chakraborty or Dr. Alok Kumar.

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