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Study Abroad

All business is global. The University of Miami’s Study Abroad experience is an excellent way to enrich your business education by learning about the many varied cultural values, political and legal systems, and economic conditions that shape a country’s economy and financial decisions.

This experience will enhance and expand your business knowledge. A Study Abroad experience is a very exciting way to discover new approaches to the study of business while enhancing your professional and personal skills as well.

There are different options for a Study Abroad experience. There are short-term, faculty-led programs in the summer as well as semester and full-year enrollment programs at international exchange universities.  There are varied opportunities to fulfill general education classes, electives, professional core and major credit requirements. Get started or read about student experiences.

Other Programs

Innovators for the Americas

The University's Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) offers several additional global learning opportunities including the Innovators for the Americas program. In this program, undergraduate students increase their global business, entrepreneurial, cross-cultural and cross-functional competencies through advisor-guided collaboration, participation in an international, student team and two weekend trips to a specific Latin American market. Each team develops, presents and defends a business plan addressing the specific needs of a Latin American market, leveraging the entrepreneurial and technological expertise of its members, as well as others with whom they network.

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