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Undergraduate Business Education Committee

The Miami Herbert Business School's Undergraduate Business Education Committee (UBEC) reviews academic and financial aspects of all undergraduate curricula including existing and proposed majors, minors, and programs, and makes recommendations thereupon to the School Council.

To submit any course and/or curriculum change please follow the steps below: 

Step 1 - Review the MBS School Council Checklist, the Office of the Registrar's Course & Curriculum Requirements, and the Faculty Senate's Proposal Submission Process & Specifications. Please note, different proposals require different approval procedures. If you have questions about which procedures are appropriate for your particular proposal please contact the Undergraduate Programs Manager, Yamirca Blanco.

Step 2 - Prepare proposal documents and secure the requisite department-level approval (or notice). 

Step 3 - Review UBEC's calendar of meetings (below) and identify the date you wish to have your proposal considered. All submissions to UBEC must be complete at least one week prior to the date the proposal will be considered. 

Step 4 - Submit your proposal to UBEC's Course/Curriculum Change Submission Form.

Step 5 - For course modifications only, once your proposal is approved by both UBEC and School Council, you must upload the Course Modification form and any attendant documents (e.g. revised course description in word format) to the UBEC Course Modification Submission Form. This will ensure timely transmissions to the Registrar's Office and appropriate revision of the Academic Bulletin by the Undergraduate Business Education Office on your department's behalf. 

UBEC Meeting Dates

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