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School Council

The SCHOOL COUNCIL of the Miami Herbert Business School functions in accordance with Section A5.1 of the FACULTY MANUAL:
The faculty of each school … shall establish a Council as its executive agency. The voting members of the faculty of each school shall elect from their members a Council which shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • it shall act as the committee on academic planning, educational and research policy, and general welfare of the school;
  • it shall elect all committees of the school faculty;
  • it shall act as confidential counsel to the dean of the school in any matter submitted by the dean;
  • it or its designee shall set the date and hour, and prepare the agenda for all regular meetings of the school faculty;
  • it shall include in the agenda any matter requested in writing by five percent of the voting faculty members of the school faculty; a majority of the voting faculty of a department; or any items or matters submitted by the dean or his/her principal deputy;
  • it may make recommendations to the school faculty concerning proposed actions;
  • it may act for the school faculty, as authorized annually by the school faculty, and report such actions at the next meeting of the school faculty.
The authority of the Council to elect committees of the school faculty in no way limits the authority of the dean to appoint ad hoc committees from the school faculty to advise the dean.

The SCHOOL COUNCIL is authorized to approve additions, deletions, and modifications of existing curricula. New degree programs and deletions of existing programs are reviewed by the SCHOOL COUNCIL, with recommendations made to the VOTING FACULTY. The SCHOOL COUNCIL may designate a subcommittee to advise it on curricular issues.
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