Staff Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The Staff Advisory Council, or SAC, shall serve as the overall body of support for staff members of the Miami Business School.  The SAC shall foster a spirit of unity, cooperation, and professionalism, by initiating decisions that will affect the staff and School’s work environment in a proactive way.  The Council shall be responsible for organizing social gatherings for staff members and encourage staff to participate in generating ideas that promote a more unified work environment.

Ultimately, the SAC shall act as a voice for staff needs, and encourage an increase in staff involvement, by promoting inclusion for all and providing positive change for the Miami Business School.

About Us

Aurora Goicochea
Assistant Director, Admissions

Vice President

Chrystine Varona
Office Manager, Economics

Media Officer
Valeriya Gorelova
Technical Analyst, IT

Committee Members
Justin Jesus Gutierrez
Facilities Operations Representative

Evaline Fornino
Office Manager, Business Technology

Teresa Brown
Assistant Director, Career Services

Douglas Sanford Kennedy
Sr. Advisor, Academic

Ashley Price Swick
Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement


Please follow the link to review SAC bylaws

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