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Create a Folder

Folders are assets that are used to contain and organize images, documents and webpages. When inside a site, the Site Content menu on the left is where your folders and their contained assets are displayed.

To create a folder:
  1. In the Site Content menu on the left, click on the folder name where you wish to create the new folder. 


    Select a folder by hovering over the asset name and clicking on the arrow that appears to the right of the asset name. The contents of that folder will display on the right hand side of the page.

  2. Look for a plus sign in the topmost header area of the page and click on Add Content.
  3. Inside the Common folder, select Default Folder from the dropdown menu.

    Add Default Folder
  4. Fill in the Folder Name and Display Name. 

    The Folder Name will generate the page URL, therefore, it should be all lowercase letters separated by hyphens, without underscores, special characters (e.g. #$%$%^&), or any spaces, e.g., not

    The Display Name will generate the labels for the left navigation, and could include capital letters, special characters, and spaces.

  5. Click Submit to finish.
  6. Your new folder should be highlighted in the asset tree to the left.


    When creating a new folder you will also create a page in that folder named index. It is a best practice to always have a index page in any folder that contains web pages. 

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