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In Cascade CMS, you can publish to two destinations, Production and Staging. The Production destination is a web server that delivers what is often called your "live site." The Staging destination is a web server used to preview and test your content before publishing to a production server.

Staging Destination

It is our suggested best practice to Publish first to the Staging destination. Once you and all collaborators have reviewed your content on the Staging server, you can then Publish to the Production server


Anyone with the URL can access the Staging site via the web on the UM network. If you are not connected via the UM network, you will need to use UM's virtual private network (VPN) to securely access the site. Also, sites on Staging will not show up in search engine results.

Staging URL

The staging URL can be accessed via a web browser (on the UM Network) by adding "staging." before Miami in your URL. For example, the staging destination for the business school website ( is

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