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Website Training

Website Information


Content Management System (CMS)

Our School website uses a Content Management System to assist us in managing our content. We can provide the following assistance to faculty and staff (non-content specific):

  • User Accounts
  • Faculty Profile pages (Guide to update your profile page)
  • Technical questions regarding the use of our CMS (not related to content)

For any technical questions regarding our business website, please contact

Content Specific

For all minor web page changes (i.e., faculty profile, departmental pages), major content revisions (new pages/sections, adding files, etc.), content guidelines, or any other questions regarding content, please email

Training Topics

Training Topics
Cascade Basics Add Content

Logging In


Context Menu


Upload an Image

Upload a PDF

Create a Folder



Publishing (For Admin) Edit/Manage Content

Publishing Content


Disable Publishing

Unpublish an Asset

Edit a Page

Move Assets

Replace Files


Editor Learn how to

Frequently Used

Insert a Link

Insert an Image

Format Text


Update CV

Edit Faculty Profile

Upload CV

Create Faculty Profile

Create/Manage Club Webstie

For more information on UM's website policies and procedures, visual identity system, and other web resources, please visit the UM Web & Digital Communications and Marketing website

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