Michael Wilson

Michael D. Wilson did his PhD coursework in engineering at Purdue University, his Master's degree at the University of Chicago, and undergraduate work at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Professor Wilson is the Faculty Director for Innovators for the Americas and Entrepreneurship; Additionally, as the Faculty Director of Entrepreneurship programs in the Miami Business School (MBS), Wilson spearheads curriculum, the annual business plan competition, various summits, and University-Industry (U-I) relations. 

Prior to academe, Michael founded several startup companies, consulted with many Fortune 500 companies and global brands. Wilson founded a large Internet Service Provider (ISP) backbone serving greater New England both connectivity and complex web development projects for over 1000 business-to-business customers. 

As the resident “Pracademic” for the University of Miami, Wilson bridges U-I relations through commercial applications whether spin-in or spin-out opportunities. An expertise in technology as a catalyst for entrepreneurial ventures and engineering education; hands-on advising with cognitive frameworks and careful attention to deal/growth strategy. Specialties: Project management, public speaking, new software development, digital and distributed platforms using high-end supply PLM/FPX tactics with idea brokering, c-level presenting, writing, big data analyzing, machine learning, and major advisory/board expertise.

Marianna Makri

Marianna Makri is an associate professor of management. She teaches courses in strategic management and family business at the undergraduate and graduate level. She received her PhD in business administration from Arizona State University and MA degree in mathematics from the University of South Florida. She joined the University in 2003 and has published in the areas of corporate governance and innovation management. Her more recent work focuses on family firms as a unique form of ownership. Her research examines how family firms differ from non family firms in terms of governance, compensation, innovation, diversification, corporate social responsibility and risk propensity. Before entering academia she worked as a research analyst for Critikon and more recently she has served on the advisory boards of ChronicDB, Rafinco and the Council for Accountable Advertising.

Patricia Abril

Patricia Sánchez Abril is vice dean for graduate business programs and executive education and a professor of business law. She has published primarily in the areas of intellectual property and privacy law. Abril's research has appeared in the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, the American Business Law Journal, Florida Law Review, Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property, and Wake Forest Law Review, among other journals.

Abril is a graduate of Duke University and Harvard Law School. Before entering academe, her law practice focused on corporate and intellectual property matters. Abril’s teaching interests include the managerial implications of intellectual property law and contract law, business ethics, and negotiation. She has won teaching awards in both the graduate and undergraduate programs and was awarded the “Early Career Achievement Award” by the Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

Joseph Ganitsky

JOSEPH GANITSKY is a research professor in management at the University of Miami School of Business Administration. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Harvard University. He studies competitive strategies of multinational and local firms in Latin America, global startups and entrepreneurship worldwide, and strategies for the bottom of the pyramid. He teaches entrepreneurship, strategy and international business at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He has been involved in starting several ventures, and has extensive experience consulting with student teams writing business plans, and with business schools in Europe and Latin America in setting up and moving forward with their entrepreneurship programs.

Robert Plant

Robert Plant is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Business Technology and director of the Intelligent Systems Research Institute. He holds a PhD in artificial intelligence and computer science from the University of Liverpool, England.

Plant's research interests are centered on technology and innovation, and the impact of technology on labor economics frequently publishing in Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal.

He teaches Technology-Strategy and Entrepreneurship: Launching High-Tech Ventures to both graduate students and to undergraduates.

Affiliated Lecturers

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