UM and eMerge Pitch Night Winners

* Each team receives $1250 as an award.  Teams have been contacted via email.

Undergraduate Track

  • EcoTarp LLC
    • Richard Parrillo
  • IKO
    • Joe Bentham
    • Bennett C. Richter
    • Joshua E. Halper
    • Philip Dressler
    • Ariana Robinson

Graduate/Alumni Track

  • Munoa
    • Mariana Munoz
    • Arturo Vidal

MBS undergraduates and graduate students plus alumni (2009-19) are invited to be a part of the Miami Innovation Adventure (formerly Business Plan Competition). This startup business competition, hosted by the Miami Herbert Business School, encourages entrepreneurship and recognizes successful business ideas from a wide range of disciplines.

We are accepting NEW entries for the Miami Innovation Adventure

Submit your written business plan by March 17, 2020. 

More information on what to include in your business plan and the link coming soon.

The top 12 teams from the UM and eMerge Pitch Night will receive mentors from the elite business community to assist in submitting a written business plan and a chance to compete in the semi-finals (April 1, 2020) and Finals (April 2, 2020).

There are two separate tracks: (1) undergraduate student track; (2) graduate student and alumni track.



Have questions? Email us at

For enrolled students, receiving an award may have an impact on your financial aid eligibility/package. Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services for more detailed information:

Undergraduate Office of Financial Assistance Services
Link to the Graduate Office of Financial Assistance Services


General Information



The Miami Innovation Adventure is a startup business competition that encourages all UM students and Alumni (up to 2009 graduation year) to create something "out of the ordinary" by closing the gap between a market need and a real solution to TAKE MIAMI (or your preferred city) to the NEXT LEVEL.  It fosters pitches, workshops, mentoring and judge interaction while giving student-entrepreneurs real-world experience.  


University-wide competition to "TAKE MIAMI (or your preffered city) to the NEXT LEVEL". 


You will need a business idea in the startup or early growth stages.

Submit a 1 page Executive Summary and a 2 minute concept pitch video by Monday, OCTOBER 28, 2019 (11:59pm EST) - EXTENDED DEADLINE. Topics to include in the 1 page executive summary: 

Click here to see an example of a one-page executive summary. It is strictly a one-page executive summary submission.


  1. Please use the following link to submit your concept paper:
  2. Click on "Registration" and create a new account with your personal information, then click "Register". 
  3. You will then proceed to the email address that you used to create your account and verify it by clicking on the activation link that was sent.
  4. If you already submitted a concept paper last year and remember your email address and password, please log in. Click on "All Conferences"- write Miami Innovation Adventure 2020 on the top right side bar.  Do not hit “enter” afterwards, the link for the Miami Innovation Adventure will come up.  Once it does, please click on the name, not the url.
  5. Once you are in, please click on "create a new submission" (top left of your screen) by selecting your track: Undergraduate or Graduate/Alumni. 
  6. Fill out the title of your business idea/project and an abstract/description (brief).
  7. Add any other members to your team, starting with an email address.  You will then be asked to fill out: name, last name, organization/school, and country. 
  8. Drop your Word/PDF document in "Upload from computer" link.
  9. Write or paste the URL link to your YouTube video or from a box shared link.  Make sure that the box drive link is publicly accessible and no sign in is required.
  10. Add your school/college, program or major and class for each member.
  11. Add phone numbers for all members.
  12. Hit "Submit."
  13. If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please email us at

The Miami Innovation Adventure and is open to all University of Miami students in good academic and financial standing during the current academic year.

There are 2 tracks to participate: Undergraduate and Graduate/Alumni (graduation year not older than 2019).  You may participate alone or in a team.  If you are an Undergraduate student competing in a team, all your team members must be Undergraduate students as well. If you are a graduate student and/or alumni, you may have mixed teams among the graduate and alumni, or just graduate or alumni students, or alone.  UM Employees (even if enrolled students) are not allowed to participate.


The student or team could win prizes up to $100,000 (including in-kind) among both tracks and depending on winning place.


EXTENDED DEADLINE: October 28, 2019 (11:59pm EST) - 1 page executive summary and a 2-minute concept pitch video
March 17, 2020 - 5 page written business plan (for qualifying teams)



To those students/teams who are invited to submit a business plan in Spring 2020, The LaunchPad will offer 2 workshops at the Miami Herbert Business School to assist them with writing a business plan and financial modeling. These workshops are mandatory for Undergraduate non-business students, but open to all participating students (Undergraduate and Graduate) in the Business Plan Competition.  A light lunch will be provided to all those in attendance.

2020 Workshops - Business Plan Competition

Workshop 1: Business Plan Essentials - date TBD

Location: TBD

Workshop 2:  Financial Modeling - date TBD


Please RSVP to:


Each year, as oral presentations approach, some students become concerned about potential issues of confidentiality. Remember that the judges are largely entrepreneurs, investors, and financial professionals who deal with confidential information in the normal course of their work, and as such, you can expect them to behave professionally. You should feel free to exclude any information you regard as truly proprietary, but keep in mind that this may have a negative impact on your performance in the competition. Also keep in mind that your general venture idea is NOT proprietary, and in the vast majority of cases revealing it will have no impact on your competitive position. No judge, mentor, or UM faculty/staff should ever be asked to sign any sort of nondisclosure agreement, and your presentations may be open to the public.
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