Supporting the Entrepreneurship Journey

The purpose and mission of uStart at the University of Miami is to further the spirit and knowledge of entrepreneurialism, innovation, and creativity, to sponsor educational and social events at which the knowledge and skills in organizing, operating and assuming the risk of a business venture can be obtained, to facilitate friendships between multi-disciplinary students who have similar interests, and to establish the networks that have become critical to success in the business world after graduation

The Entrepreneurship Club is OPEN to ALL enrolled students at UM from any school, Undergraduate or Graduate student.

For more information and to know more about our meetings and events, please email us at:

2019 Officers:

Cody Sklar: President 

Gian Boria: Vice President

Sasha Reznik: Head of Operations

Blake Rodack: Director of PR

Jake Segal: Director of Outreach, Engagement and Inclusion

Reid Baltuch: Director of Innovation

Yasmin Mahyar: Director of Marketing

Skylar Prinz Von Anhalt: Director of Professional Advancement

Sandra Dragan: Director of Finance
US Start

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