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University of Miami Bioethics Bowl

An important part of our Ethics Programs, the School's annual Bioethics Bowl, like the School’s Ethics Bowl, challenges students to think critically about timely real-world issues.

Undergraduates test their verbal and ethical reasoning skills in the team competition that also takes them out of their comfort zone.

Health Debate

Making their Cases

The the 2016 Bioethics Bowl, two student teams debated whether emergency room physicians should be required to take a hypothetical drug that enhances cognitive skills and reduces medical errors with no long-term ill effects. While Matt Kruger and his teammates said use of the drug should be mandatory, Ben Wright (right) disagreed. “Given the benefits of the drug, the hospital should inform physicians, but not require them to take it,” he said. “A mandatory policy would infringe on an individual’s rights – plus further studies might show health problems from the drug.”

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