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Message to Faculty and Staff


Dear Colleagues
Our University mission is to transform lives through teaching, research and service.
All of us have the power and the ability to contribute to this mission each and every day.
Here at Miami Business School, we put students first. That does not mean saying yes to every request. It means listening, caring and thinking through how we can attract, motivate, retain and indeed transform a diverse class of outstanding young people one student at a time.  As President Frenk says “Canes care for Canes.”
As teachers, we have the responsibility not only to impart knowledge to our students but to develop their critical thinking skills. We can do so by encouraging more student participation in class and, at the same time, setting high standards of relevance and rigor for student comments. I often hear from recruiters that our students are technically well-trained but could be better at engaging in conversation. Frequent participation in vibrant classroom discussions helps develop this important skill and the confidence that goes with it.
As researchers, we can make a bigger difference by working on important problems that are important to important people. These problems are increasingly interdisciplinary in nature, spanning schools as well as departments. We need to reach out more and invite collaboration if our research is to have transformative results.
As members of “one U”, we also have an obligation to set an example of effective management and leadership in our daily decisions and in our community activities. The rest of the university depends on us as we depend on them. And we ourselves must be role models for the “principled leaders” whom we aspire to develop.
At the same time, the goal of transforming lives applies not just to students. It applies to you as well. We want all staff and faculty to feel that Miami Business School helps them to exceed their potential.  The vice deans and I consider it our daily responsibility to try to give you this opportunity.
I am inspired by the new students, staff and faculty whom I have met in recent days. Your commitment to making them feel welcome and your dedication to advancing the work of our school are greatly appreciated.
I wish you and your families success, good health and happiness for the year ahead.
Best regards

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