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Find the Right Talent Here

The The Sanford L. Ziff Graduate Career Services Center at Miami Herbert Business School is dedicated to helping organizations find the right talent from our MBA and specialized master's degree programs. Through our integrated communications and screening process with qualified candidates, we are confident that we will be key partner in your effective recruitment strategy. 

By the Numbers


Average Age of Full-Time MBAs

The average age of students in our most recent Full-Time MBA entering class was 26 years.


Undergraduate GPA for MBAs

The average undergraduate GPA for students in our most recent Full-Time MBA entering class was 3.32.


Years of Work Experience

Students in our most recent Full-Time MBA entering class arrived with four years of work experience, on average.

Our Graduates

Well Prepared to Lead

MBA and specialized master's program graduates of Miami Herbert Business School are prepared to lead at a high level and to bring new value to the organizations that hire them. Leadership training and coaching is an integral part of the curriculum, with strategic management as a required course. The School's Mentor Program, among the largest in the Southeast, teams students with community business leaders, enabling practical leadership preparation. And students have multiple opportunities to gain real-world, hands-on learning experience.

Top Academic Backgrounds for MBAs


Business and Commerce





MBA Concentrations and Specialized Master's Programs

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