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On-Campus Recruiting

The University of Miami is on the semester system, which affords two major recruiting periods:

  • September 1 through December 3
  • January 24 through May 13

Your organization can tap into our remarkable resources - and solve some pressing short-term needs - even as you build goodwill and help shape tomorrow's business leaders. Whether you are looking for an internship or a full time position, recruitment is an investment in the future, and Miami Herbert Business School can be an unparalleled partner.

On the Day of Your Visit

On the day of your visit, we continue to build our partnership with you by:

Our standard interview schedule consists of 13 half-hour interviews beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m. We will, however, tailor a schedule to meet your needs, so don't hesitate to discuss your preferences or specific scheduling requirements with us.

When recruiting on campus, you can choose from the following types of interview schedules:

To schedule a date or learn about a variety of interview options, call The Ziff Center at 305-284-6905 or e-mail us at

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