Department of Business Law

Modern managers face increasing legal implications in daily operations and in formulating business policy. Consequently, effective decision-making requires an appreciation of the social, ethical, economic, and political bases of law as it relates to business. Business law courses provide students with fundamental insight into legal institutions, the regulatory environment, and the nature of legal discourse, as well as an array of substantive principles of law, including such areas as contracts, sales, business organizations, and domestic and international commercial relationships.

Our Goals

The primary goals of the Department of Business Law are to contribute to legal knowledge through conducting scholarly research, to disseminate it by publication in leading journals and law reviews, and to transmit that knowledge to students and the larger UM-wide, business, and professional communities.

These goals both inform and drive the department’s educational objectives, which focus on:

Academic Focuss

Ethics and Compliance

Hear about the School's business law classes and its focus on ethics and compliance from Anita Cava, professor of business law.

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Research, Teaching and Service

Impactful Research

Reshaping Securities Law

Business law faculty conduct cutting-edge research that shapes business practice and business law. One example, a Columbia Business Law Review article penned by business law professors Patricia Abril (right) and Ann Olazábal helped decide a securities fraud case involving Omnicare, the nation’s largest provider of pharmaceutical care to elderly patients.

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