B.B.A. in Business Technology Curriculum Requirements

Major Area of Specialization in Business Technology (STEM)

In addition to satisfying the University General Education Requirements and Electives, students pursuing the BBA in Business Technology must complete the BBA Business Core and the specific coursework for the Business Technology major area of specialization as follows:

Curriculum Requirements

BBA Business Core Requirements 1

Credit Hours

Major Area of Specialization in Business Technology 4

Credit Hours

Major Elective Courses - Select two courses (6 credit hours) from the following:

Credit Hours

 ENG 105 and ENG 106, or their equivalents, and all 100 and 200-level Business Core courses must be completed by the end of the fifth semester of college work or during the semester in which the student is completing 75 credit hours.

 Students who do not earn at least a C- in ENG 106 must either repeat ENG 106 and earn at least a C- or complete ENG 230 with at least a C- before enrolling in BUS 300.

4  All specific coursework for the major in Business Technology must be completed with a grade of “C-” or higher.  In addition, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for all specific coursework taken in the major area of specialization.

 All courses must be completed within the current pre-requisite structure.

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