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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics  of the Miami Herbert School of Business is devoted to high-quality research and teaching, as well as to serve our local community. The Department offers a master's degree and a PhD in economics. The Department houses the Business School and College of Arts and Sciences bachelor's degree programs in economics, and contributes in several MBA diplomas including the most recent online programs.

Master's and PhD Programs

Our Master's in Economics lasts for eight months. This program develops the economic foundations and problem-solving skills for the analysis of business sectors, economic policies, and the broader global economy. It is designed for students who wish to specialize in various areas of applied economics and business, as well as to pursue other graduate programs. Our PhD program usually takes five years, and it is only research-oriented. This is in line with outstanding PhD programs in departments of economics.

Faculty, Research and Seminars

Our faculty regularly publishes in the very top general-interest and field economics journals, and attends international conferences. The faculty is composed of a very diverse group of researchers in a variety of fields linked to applied economics, economic theory, and macroeconomics. Please, go to our faculty directory for research conducted by our individual faculty. The Department hosts internal and external seminars, and regularly organizes conferences in various fields.

Professor's Perspectives

A Foundation for Many Career Paths

Economics is a foundation for finance and accounting, says Teddy Kim, an associate professor of economics. And he says, you’ll find career opportunities for economists in sectors ranging from financial services and technology to government and non-profit institutions. Hear more from Professor Kim.

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