Department of Finance

The finance discipline is focused on two primary issues: determining value and making the best decisions with respect to value. The Department of Finance at the School of Business Administration studies these issues in a variety of contexts and industries.  The three primary areas of finance are financial management, investments, and financial markets and intermediaries.

Financial management focuses on how an organization can accomplish its mission. For example, a corporation seeks to create and maintain wealth, and a non-profit organization seeks to improve the world in some way. All organizations want to achieve their mission to the greatest extent possible, and that requires making the best decisions with respect to value.

Professor's Perspectives

A Focus on Valuation

Although the finance function is especially prominent in major corporations and in the investments, banking, real estate, and insurance industries, every organization and every industry includes a finance function. As Alok Kumar, the Gabelli Asset Management Professor of Finance, explains, we place an emphasis on valuation.

Behavioral Finance

A World Leader in Behavioral Finance

The School of Business is a leader in the field of behavioral finance. Our faculty members include some of the world's most distinguished scholars in the field and we host what has arguably become the most important behavioral finance conference.

annual behavioral finance conference
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