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Management Faculty

The Department of Management full-time faculty has been delivering fine services to our stakeholders. Our faculty members excel in the following areas:

  • Average teaching evaluations range from 4.5-4.6 (5 is highest) per semester
  • Research appears in  numerous top-tier refereed journals every year
  • Scholarly books written and published each year
  • Involvement in many academic activities, serving as editors, reviewer board members, guest editors, and program chairs
  • The Department supports the business community in a multitude of ways and channels (e.g., from offering consulting courses and business plan competition, to providing public seminars and consulting). Overall, our faculty’s teaching and research orientation is well balanced by their extensive involvement with the business community. Field research, diagnostic consulting, and training assistance are just some of the ways our faculty maintain an ongoing relationship with local, national, and international practitioners. This dynamic balance among teaching, research, and involvement with practicing executives offers students and faculty a stimulating environment for learning and professional development.

Research, Teaching and Service

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