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Marketing Week 2020

From September 21st-24th 2020, UM AMA held their annual Marketing Week event. Marketing Week is an entire week dedicated to bringing students together who are passionate about marketing through networking, professional development, and skill building.

Although Marketing Week 2020 took place 100% virtually this year, UM AMA saw over 350 students in attendance throughout the four days of events. Each student was able to engage with our speakers and even with one another to develop connections and new marketing knowledge.

Marketing Week kicked off with an internship panel and with Karinna Rojas, who discussed the importance of personal branding. The week continued with a case study event surrounding how SoulCycle can differentiate itself during the pandemic. The week concluded with two speakers, Andrew Lanzziano (Brand Manager at Bacardi) and Kunal Chandra (Vice President of Shared Autonomous Mobility at Siemens). Students were able to connect with two completely different sides of marketing, learning about what it takes to manage such large brands and the diverse target markets that must be reached.

Marketing Week 2020 was an enormous success and UM AMA is looking forward to what Marketing Week 2021 has in store!

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