Seminar Schedule

The Finance Seminars take place from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated. Please check back regularly for additions/changes to the schedule.

2018 - 2019 Finance Seminar Series

Fall 2018






Paper Title

Aug. 31

David Denis

University of Pittsburgh

AGB 332

How do firms use their financial flexibility?

Sept. 14

Andra Ghent

University of Wisconsin-Madison

AGB 332

What’s wrong with Pittsburgh? Investor composition and trade frequency in US cities.

Sept. 21

Jessica Jeffers

University of Chicago

AGB 332

Contracts with Benefits: The Implementation of Impact Investing

Sept. 28

Michael Weisbach

Ohio State University

SB 208

Private Equity Indices Based on Secondary Market Transactions

Oct. 5

Oliver Ledoit

University of Zurich

AGB 332

Efficient Sorting: A More Powerful Test for Cross-Sectional Anomalies

Oct. 26

Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

New York University

AGB 332

Affordable Housing and City Welfare

Nov. 2

George Loewenstein

Carnegie Mellon University

AGB 332

Information Preferences

Nov. 9

Constantine Yannelis

New York University

SB 208

The Consequences of Student Loan Credit Expansions: Evidence from Three Decades of Default

Nov. 30

Robert Axtell

George Mason Universtiy

SB 208


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