Student Initiative

During the first Showcasing Women in Finance Conference in 2017, AFFECT (Academic Female Finance Committee) members initiated the PhD subcommittee to work in conjunction with PhD students in furthering their goals. Organized by Sima Jannati, the PhD subcommittee aims to gather information on females in the field of finance at the doctoral level, highlight the main challenges affecting them, and conduct research on issues faced by females in their career progression.

A second and important goal of the AFFECT PhD subcommittee is to facilitate networking and idea exchange between prospective female researchers in the early stages of their career.

PhD Group Members

Sima Jannati, 5th year PhD
Sarah Khalaf, 3rd year PhD
Carina Cuculiza, 3rd year PhD
Julia Hatamyar, 3rd year PhD
Melina Murren, 2nd year PhD
Ruoxi Xu, 2nd year PhD

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