Behavioral Finance Conference
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Paper Submission

The online paper submission payment  for the 11th Behavioral Finance Conference is now open. For additional information about the conference, please email


  1. Pay for paper submission here 

  2. After payment is complete, you will be directed to a payment confirmation page. Take note of the payment confirmation number (Click the print icon to print or generate a PDF copy of the receipt).

  3. Click here to begin the paper submission process. The steps for the online submission process are described below.
The deadline for submission is TBA at Midnight Pacific Time.

Paper Submission Guide

Create an account

  1. Using the browser of your choice, go to the URL:
  2. Click Create Account.  You will be asked to enter your log in and personal information. 
  3. You will receive a verification email. Check email and click verification link. 


  1. After you verify your account, log in to

Create a new submission 

  1. Click +Create new submission
  2. Enter paper details. Note that you will be asked to enter your payment confirmation details. 
  3. Submit


Merchant Name: FINANCE-BFC

Refund Policy: 

A participant who withdraws her/his registration 10 working days before the program’s start date will receive a full refund.  Any cancellations or no-shows after this point will not be refunded.


Accepted Credit Cards:

Accepted credit cards
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