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The Capstone Project is an integral component of the MS in Business Analytics curriculum.  The Capstone allows students to take the skills learned in the classroom and apply them to a practical, real-world analytics project under the guidance of an industry partner, or Capstone Sponsor. 

Capstone Sponsors provide an invaluable experience to the students.  In addition to the ability to hone their analytics skills, these projects help students develop the teamwork and communication skills that are so important on the job.


The desired timeline is provided below, though is flexible depending on the needs of the Capstone Sponsor.

Project Requirements

Capstone Sponsors are asked to provide a description of the project with clear goals, as well as data relevant to solving the problem. The MSBA faculty are available to help with these items as needed.


Students are assigned to projects based on a mix of skills and interests.  Capstone Sponsors are welcome to provide input during this phase.


It is understood that these projects may involve the use of confidential data.  In these scenarios, students will be asked to sign Nondisclosure Agreements provided by the Capstone Sponsor.

Sponsor Commitments

Capstone Sponsors are expected to be available to the students for at least –

Additionally, Capstone Sponsors should be available via email or call to answer business or data related questions that arise as the project progresses.

While the above is requested, Capstone Sponsors are encouraged to be as hands-on as they would like.  In the past, weekly or bi-weekly conference calls to monitor progress have worked well.

Current and former Capstone Sponsors

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