Mini Grants

University of Miami faculty can apply bi-annually for a mini-grant to support research and projects in-line with our goals.

Individual Research: up to $2,000

Cross Departmental Research: up to $10,000

How to Apply:

Complete one of these FORMS per project

Complete one of these FORMS per author

Send both completed documents in an email to

Interdisciplinary International Business Research Mini-Grants

The University of Miami’s Center for International Business Education and Research (UM CIBER) is pleased to invite you to participate in and benefit from another round of interdisciplinary IB research mini grants. Awards support individual-research efforts (up to $2,000), as well as cross-departmental research project (up to $10,000).

Awards may fund the following expenses:

Research Priorities
UM CIBER’s research mini-grants will not cover studies that are basically domestic, even if conducted in a foreign country (such as a study of domestic Argentinian business). Priority will be given to research with a focus/connection with Latin America. All proposals must have cross-national elements and comprise at least two countries. Priority will be given to proposals which identify best practices and develop frameworks to improve the transfer of expertise and resources from the US to emerging markets and vice-versa, and that ultimately enhance US competitiveness.

The Research Committee has prioritized projects with the following research goals:

(a) Expand access to healthcare and financial services in Latin America
(b) Infuse corporate and social entrepreneurship into wealth creation and social innovation worldwide
(c) Improve supply chain and logistics management in emerging markets
(d) Strengthen personal, corporate, social, and cyber security in Latin America
(e) Enhance global knowledge process outsourcing, co-opetition, and service practice worldwide
(f) Develop sustainable business ecosystems

* Authorization from the Department of Education for international travel must be obtained at least 30 days prior to travel. Travel details must be submitted to the CIBER office at least 45 days prior to travel.

All travel must comply with the Fly America Act, which states that only U.S. carriers may be used. More information at:

Members of the UM CIBER Research Committee will evaluate all submissions and proponents’ performances, choose awardees and adjust research scope/priorities of UM’s IB research every year. Their key goal is to obtain the best possible use of CIBER's limited resources (while leveraging other funding sources and commitments). To maximize the results to be obtained 

from their awards, they prioritize those projects with the greatest potential for publication in refereed journals.

Please submit your competitive research proposal to Your proposed research must include a 500-word abstract (download template above) specifying its objectives, methods, expected outcome, resources needed and how it fits with UM CIBER’s goals and priorities; a 500-word biographical sketch per author (download template above) highlighting relevant research, on-going research commitments, other projects pending funding (indicating source) and status of projects pending completion. If a Principal Investigator (PI) has previously received a UM CIBER mini-grant, the PI is required to submit a report, of no more than one page, which includes how the previous funds were used and what research was produced.

Award Requirements
By accepting an award, the PI accepts the responsibility for acknowledging the support of the Center for International Business Education and Research and the Department of Education, Title VI in the resulting intellectual outputs. The PI also agrees to allow UM CIBER to feature their funded projects on its website and in other electronic or printed publications.
If awarded, the PI will be required to submit the following to the UM CIBER office:

UM CIBER will notify and keep informed the heads of the PI’s units of the award, progress, completion, extension (if needed), and/or cancellation of all awards.

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