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Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business Research Cluster

Purpose and Activities

The Sustainable Business Research Cluster (SBRC) is an interdisciplinary initiative designed to encourage and promote research in sustainable business practices. Activities of the cluster include hosting conferences and seminars on aspects of sustainable business research, encouraging interdisciplinary research among MBS faculty on sustainable business, and promoting research by graduate students in sustainable business.



kellysq.jpgDavid L. Kelly (Co-Chair): Environment
David L. Kelly is a professor of economics, Co-chair of the Sustainable Business Research Cluster, and Academic Director of the Master of Science in Sustainable Business at the University of Miami. Professor Kelly has published in leading journals including Science, Nature, the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, and the Journal of Economic Theory.

vidhisq.jpgVidhi Chhaochharia (Co-Chair): Governance
Vidhi Chhaochharia is an associate professor of finance and Co-chair of the Sustainable Business Research Cluster at the University of Miami. Professor Chhaochharia’s research focuses on corporate governance. Research by Professor Chhaochharia has appeared in leading finance journals such as the Review of Financial Studies, the Journal of Financial Economics, and Journal of Finance.

kellysq.jpgMarie T. Dasborough: Social
Marie Dasborough is an Associate Professor of Management. She is a member of the Academy of Management, the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (Division 14 of the American Psychological Association), the Network of Leadership Scholars, the International Society for Research on Emotions, and is an invited member of the Emotional Intelligence Consortium. Her research aims to promote human sustainability in organizations, by focusing on employee emotional wellbeing. She has published in the top management journals, including Academy of Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, The Leadership Quarterly, and Journal of Organizational Behavior. Her publications focus on leadership, teamwork, emotions, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and authenticity.

kellysq.jpgChristopher Parmeter: Environment
Associate Professor Christopher Parmeter’s research focuses on statistically estimating the value of providing environmental goods. Such valuations allow firms to prioritize their efforts towards environmental activities that have the largest impacts. Professor Parmeter has published in leading environmental economics and econometric journals including Journal of Econometrics, Ecological Economics, and Resource and Energy Economics.

kellysq.jpgUzma Khan: Social
Uzma Khan is an associate professor of marketing. Her research focuses on risk perceptions. Her research has been published in leading marketing journals including the Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Marketing Research and in Management Science.

cavasq.pngAnita Cava: Governance
Anita Cava is a professor of business law and Co-Director of the University of Miami Ethics Programs. Professor Cava’s research focuses on business ethics and regulation compliance.


Anita Cava's Publications


kellysq.jpgSammi Yu Tang: Environment
Sammi Yu Tang is an associate professor of management. Professor Tang’s research focuses on supply chain risk. Her research has been published in leading management journals including Production and Operations Management.

kellysq.jpg Rong Hai: Social
Rong Hai is an assistant professor of economics. Rong Hai’s research focuses on inequality and labor economics. Her research has been published in leading economics journals including Journal of Monetary Economics and Economic Journal.

kellysq.jpgAlok Kumar: Environment
Alok Kumar is the Gabelli Asset Management Professor of Finance and Chair of the finance department. Recently, Professor Kumar’s research has investigated the risk premium for low climate beta stocks and the effect of weather on stock performance. Research by Professor Kumar has appeared in leading finance journals including the Review of Financial Studies, the Journal of Financial Economics, and Journal of Finance.

townsendClaudia Townsend
Claudia Townsend is an associate professor of marketing. Her research focuses on visual presentation and the use of subtle visual cues to nudge behavior. Her research has been published in leading marketing journals and she is on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Marketing, and the Journal of Marketing Research. She teaches Sustainable Marketing among other courses.

FerriFabrizio Ferri
Associate Professor Fabrizio Ferri’s research focuses on corporate governance issues, with particular emphasis on shareholder activism and executive compensation, and has been published in leading accounting, finance and law journals, including the Journal of Accounting Research and the Journal of Financial Economics.

kellysq.jpgRenato Molina
Renato Molina is an engineer and economist specializing in environmental and resource economics. His work focuses on topics at the intersection between game theory, sustainability, and institutional settings. His current research explores the role of property rights in the economic impact of natural disasters, the use of conservation for strategies to control for competitive incentives in the commons, and how global trade is affected by criminal activities in the ocean.

kellysq.jpgDavid Bernstein
David Bernstein is a doctoral candidate and instructor at the Department of Economics researching power plant efficiency and optimal scale, as well as econometric theory that is applicable more broadly. He has published his research in leading economics and econometrics journals including Energy Economics, and Econometrics. David will be available for interviews at the 2020 ASSA meeting in San Diego, CA.


Returns to scale in electricity generation: Replicated and revisited 

Colton PondColton Pond
Colton Pond is a doctoral student in marketing. His research focuses on cause-related marketing, hedonic and utilitarian choices, and downstream consumer consequences. A current joint project investigates the downstream consequences of brand charity partnerships for the charitable organization. His expected graduation from the marketing doctoral program is 2023.

rizziClaudio Rizzi
Claudio Rizzi is a doctoral student in Finance. His research focuses on the interdisciplinary connection between environmental sustainability, climate change, and finance. His current research explores the importance of nature for local economies and the firm's dependency on nature.

male-no-photo.jpgDaniel Hicks

Seminars and Activities

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