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Management Professor Re-Appointed to Journal of Trust Research Editorial Board

Cecily Cooper, an associate professor of management, has been appointed to another term as associate editor on the editorial board of the Journal of Trust Research (JTR). Cooper has been associate editor since the journal was founded in 2010.

As an inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural journal dedicated to advancing a cross-level, context-rich, process-oriented, and practice-relevant journal, JTR provides a focal point for an open  dialogue and debate between diverse researchers, thus enhancing the understanding of trust in general and trust-related management in particular, especially in its organizational and social context in the broadest sense. Through both theoretical development and empirical investigation, JTR seeks to open the "black-box" of trust in various contexts.

Cooper’s research interests are trust repair, fairness, interpersonal relationships and leadership. She has won a number of academic paper awards including the International Association of Conflict Management's 2006 Outstanding Article Award for Best Published Paper of 2004, and a 2005 Best Paper Award (Empirical) from the Division of the Academy of Management.

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