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Sundaresh  Ramnath

Sundaresh Ramnath

Associate Professor, Accounting

Research Interests

Accounting information and capital markets; industry effects; and financial intermediaries

Featured Publications

  • "14-week Quarters" (with Rick Johnston, Andy Leone and Ya-wen Yang) forthcoming in Journal of Accounting and Economics.

    “Changes in Asset Turnover and Profit Margin as Signals of Earnings Management,” (with Ivo Jansen and Teri Yohn) forthcoming in Contemporary Accounting Research.

    “Sell-side Debt Analysts” (with Rick Johnston and Stanimir Markov), Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2009, Vol. 47 (1-2), 91-107.

    "Do Industry-level Analyses Improve Forecasts of Financial Performance?" (with Patricia Fairfield and Teri L. Yohn), Journal of Accounting Research, 2009, Vol. 47 (1), 147-178.

    “Discussion of Competition for Andersen’s Clients” (with Joseph Weber), Contemporary Accounting Research, 2008, Vol. 25 (4), 1137-1146.

    “Financial Analyst Forecasting Literature: A Taxonomy with Trends and Suggestions for Further Research” (with Steve Rock and Phil Shane), International Journal of Forecasting, 2008, Vol. 24, 34-75.

    "Financial Analysts' Forecasts and Stock Recommendations: A Review of the Research", (with Steve Rock and Phil Shane), Foundations and Trends® in Finance, 2008, Vol. 2 (4), 311-420.

    “Value Line and IBES Earnings Forecasts” (with Steve Rock and Phil Shane), International Journal of Forecasting, 2005, Vol. 21 (1), 185-198.

    “Underreaction to Self-Selected News Events: The Case of Stock Splits” (with David Ikenberry) Review of Financial Studies, 2002, Vol. 15 (2), 489-526.

    “Investor and Analyst Reaction to Earnings Announcements of Related Firms: An Empirical Analysis,” Journal of Accounting Research, 2002, Vol. 40 (5), 1345-1371.

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
  • Assistant Professor, Rice University


  • Financial statement analysis
  • Financial accounting
  • Business valuation


  • Ph.D., Accounting, Pennsylvania State University
  • M.S., Accounting Science, Northern Illinois University
Sundaresh  Ramnath


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